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Yeah, back on Tuesday, a large black spider was in the kitchen, near the ceiling.  I've removed tons of spiders before, but this one unnerved me a little.

It wasn't until I had it in the jar that I saw the red hourglass on her bottom. (male black widows are brown and aren't dangerous to humans) I just about freaked out, as I've never seen a Widow in person, and in my house, no less.

Freaky how I happened to see one of these on the day before Halloween, and it was even freakier because there was a black toy Halloween spider ring hanging from the kitchen fridge...

I really don't like killing things, but I had to squish this one.  I still feel guilty about it, even though it was just a dangerous spider. ._.

Anyway, the house is getting sprayed this Wednesday, so hopefully there won't be anymore incidents like this anytime soon...
ScraftyLark Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
That is disturbing....I saw at least 3 babys about 2 weeks ago around our house....we also get scary, but not lethal garden story
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